2002 Pentamino Puzzles

2002 Pentamino Puzzles 1.0

2002 Pentamino Puzzles is a classic puzzle game
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Selectsoft Publishing

2002 Pentamino Puzzles is a classic puzzle game.
This game was developed by Olga Pudrovska for Selectsoft Publishing.

In this game you will need to accommodate a given number of different shaped pieces in order to form exactly a given puzzle.

The pieces can be rotated and flipped. All the pieces must be used, leaving no empty spaces.

There are 2002 different puzzles to play with. They have the shape of animals, letters, numbers, arrows, dice, signs, symbols and other things. You can choose the puzzle you want to solve (by pressing the dice icon and browsing through the screens) or play randomly.

2002 Pentamino Puzzles will show you the solution for every puzzle, or give you hints if you want. The game will place a chosen piece in the right place, and you can go on placing the pieces as you like.

The game can run in a PC equipped with Windows® Vista, XP or 98, a Pentium II 350 MHz processor or faster, 32 MB RAM, 10 MB free hard disk space and a Windows® compatible sound card.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a mind challenging game, with a lot of possibilities


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